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i-Diagnostics Development Tools

Fig 1. i-Diagnostics Application Development Kit (ADK) and ultimate TIRF biodetection station uTIRF. For more information click here and here

TIRF Labs is offering a family of products, tools, cartridge blanks, sample preparation modules, reagents, supplies, methods and protocols that facilitate all stages of innovations at i-Diagnostics platform. TIRF Labs’ role is to provide logistics and service support of these innovations and to shorten their way to FDA approvals and application by end-users. In practice, the combination of ADK products and services facilitates interfacing of existing assays with i-Diagnostics platform and stimulates the development of new i-Diagnostics applications. The main set of development products is shown in the Figure 1. uTIRF station is shown with prism-TIRF accessory installed. The lightguide TIRF (lgTIRF) accessory is shown to the left from uTIRF. Cartridge blanks, manual microarrayer, and the handheld i-Diagnostics cradle with cartridge blanks from the Application Development Kit are shown at the left. These products have already been successfully used by several our collaborators.

One of the unique features of this project is that i-Diagnostics is supplied with a family of tools and methods that facilitate all stages of the i-Diagnostics application development.

Fig. 1 shows the main components of the development tools: i-Diagnostics Application Development Kit (ADK) and ultimate-TIRF (uTIRF) Biodetection Station. Fig. 2 illustrates the main stages of microarray printing, assaying and data acquisition and analysis. Left panel of Fig. 1 shows an early prototype of i-Diagnostics and disposable cartridges.

Before the panels of assays are tested with i-Diagnostics cartridges and the cradle, there are several stages of assay development, validation, calibration and other tasks that require rapid and direct assess to microarray. These development procedures are implemented using uTIRF station. For the development purposes uTIRF is equipped with open perfusion chambers. There are several formats of open perfusion and closed chambers for different development tasks. Open perfusion chambers are suitable for easy access to each individual spot of the panel. For more information about i-Diagnostics ADK and uTIRF station refer to ADK and uTIRF pdf brochures and contact TIRF Labs via email:

Fig. 2. Printing i-Diagnostics microarrays and using uTIRF biodetection station for real-time microarray data acquisition and analysis.