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May 16, 2021

To: The Giving Pledge Members and Other Philanthropists

Subject: Inquiry for funding Phase 2 of i-Diagnostics project

Dear The Giving Pledge Members and Other Philanthropists,

We are writing to you because you are known for your philanthropic actions of returning back to society. We also want to return back using our skills in science. We declined for-profit route for our technology i-Diagnostics and pledge to make it genuine Open Source platform available to everyone. We believe that this project represents excellent opportunity for philanthropists, our fellow scientists, and us. We are committed to create global biological safety infrastructure based on intelligence of the communities of scientists, medical doctors, and other users. All aspects of the envisioned infrastructure require advanced diagnostics. We invented and prototyped such technology – i-Diagnostics.  It can revolutionize the entire field of healthcare, as well as create new areas of personalized prognostic and preventive medicine.  Our team has excelled with Phase 1 of this project, which was funded by the US government totaling $4.3M. We inquire your help for Phase 2 of this project. Please refer to and contact us for details.

Briefly, our technology uses the phenomenon of Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF), which provides extremely thin layer of excitation light ~100 nm, thus removing the background interference, maximizing the sensitivity and minimizing false-positive and false-negative responses. We currently manufacture research-grade TIRF products, capable of detecting single molecules. They are competing with Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, and Olympus. However, there is no competition and no analogy to our handheld i-Diagnostics device.

Typical technologies detect only one class of biomarkers - they are one-dimensional, while i-Diagnostics probes 4 dimensions of biological markers - DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites, builds 4D images of responses, thus, providing superior accuracy necessary for personalized medicine. Thousands research group worldwide will develop their own applications in their areas of expertise using the open source i-Diagnostics. Building global network of users will create infrastructure preventing emergence and spread of infections.


The following list of features places i-Diagnostics into uniquely advantageous position with respect to alternative technologies:

 Ultimate sensitivity – ability to detect early stages of the disease.

 Superior confidence – minimal rate of false-positive and false-negative responses.

 Fast results – providing test results within 5 minutes - simplifying the logistics.

 Minimal requirement to sample preparation allows for home-use.

 Mega-diagnostics: single TIRF microchip can analyze over 100 different targets at once and quantitatively.

 Simultaneous detection of DNA, RNA, protein, and metabolite biomarkers.

i-Diagnostics can detect virtually all diseases including COVID-19, other SARS, Ebola, Influenza, MERS, HIV, and Zika viruses, cancers, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases.  Besides obvious clinical use, it is applicable for food and water safety, agricultural and forensic areas. Diagnostic panels can be broad, but tailored to a single medical issue, for example, breast or prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and longevity applications. Running molecular marker profile at home would make doctors’ time more productive and insurance more affordable.  

With Phase 1 already being completed, TIRF Labs is looking to raise 2 million USD to start Phase 2 and 75 million to create global infrastructure.

We request your help to partially cover the cost of Phase 2 so that i-Diagnostics becomes an Open Source platform for all diagnostic needs. In Phase 2 we envision sharing our application development tools with the research community, upgrading the handheld i-Diagnostics and starting manufacturing. We will develop several applications in our lab. However, the main goal is to create global infrastructure to help with the development of a broad range of applications down to receiving FDA approvals.

We are delighted to invite you to become a part of this unique opportunity, which can revolutionize the current state of medicine, improve the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare by billions.

Let’s change the future of healthcare together to be always a step ahead of any disease.

With Highest Regards,

Alexander Asanov, Ph.D.

CEO,TIRF Labs, Inc.

Research Triangle Park, NC

   Encl: The project is outlined in the enclosed brochure and described at

Open Letter to the Giving Pledge Members and Other Philanthropists