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i-Diagnostics Development Tool: the Ultimate TIRF Microscopy Station

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Application notes and published papers

uTIRF turnkey microscopy station is the main development tool for i-Diagnostics project. uTIRF is a versatile system, which is designed for performing the entire range of assay development tasks- from biomarker discovery to calibration and validation of microarrays. We envision that uTIRF will be used by thousands of research groups worldwide.

uTIRF turnkey station consists of prism-, lightguide-, and objective-based TIRF,  infinity objective 4X, 20X, 40X, 60X, or 100X, low light CMOS camera, and a multicolor fiber-coupled illuminator. uTIRF is available in several configurations with open perfusion and closed flow chambers, optional electrochemical and dielectrophoretic control. The station also supports the method of Electro-Chemi-Luminescence (ECL), which is currently widely used for molecular diagnostics. Prism-, lightguide-, and objective-TIRF units can be taken from uTIRF to be used as add-on accessories for fluorescence microscopes. Inquire about other options: info@TIRF

Use the uTIRF as a turnkey station, or take prism-, lightguide-, or objective-TIRF units to use as add-on accessories for your microscope

Main Pros / Cons of  TIRF geometries  (for details click here)






The cleanest TIRF effect - stray light<0.01%. Can be used with dry, water-, and oil-immersion objectives.

No open perfusion for prism-down geometry.



Clean TIRF effect - stray light <0.1%.

Can be used with dry, water-, and oil-immersion objectives.

TIRF area needs to be aligned with the objective.



TIRF area stays with the objective.

Evanescent wave contaminated by 10-15% of stray light.